The Best Toronto Personal Insurance

How many days turn out the way you expected? Not many, right?

Fortunately, many of the happenings we don’t expect are small. But every so often, an emergency, a disaster or an accident will strike a real blow. It happens to all of us and it can be really expensive.

How you emerge from the setback depends on how well prepared you are. If it’s costly, it will be down to whether you have good personal insurance to help you pick up the pieces.

That’s why it’s crucial to work with a broker with a longstanding track record of delivering the best personal insurance from the most reputable insurers at the most competitive prices.

We can tell you there aren’t too many of them. But in the Greater Toronto Area and throughout Ontario, there’s at least one shining beacon — Waugh-Dane.

Because our roots go back more than 100 years, we’ve developed an expertise and a reputation in personal insurance that’s unrivaled in the province.

Wide Range of Personal Insurance Plans

Personal insurance plans available through Waugh-Dane include:

  • Broad or comprehensive property insurance against fire, theft, vandalism, breakages and weather-related damage for homes, rental properties, condos, vacation homes and more. Special coverage is available for high-value items, electronics and collectibles. This type of personal insurance also covers you for liability and lawsuits for injury caused to others by something on your property.
  • Auto insurance: a full range of automobile insurance plans covering different types of drivers, vehicles and risks. It includes coverage for young drivers, collectors and classic car owners. Coverage also available for watercraft, RVs, golf carts and trailers.
  • Life insurance, supplemental health insurance (such as vision and dental care), disability insurance, mortgage protection insurance, travel and many other types of personal insurance.
  • Umbrella insurance, which provides significantly higher benefits for when limits are exceeded on standard policies. This can be critical in the case of liability claims.
  • Home business insurance — an increasing feature of Toronto’s employment landscape and an insurance need that many work-from-homers overlook to their cost.
  • Rental property insurance

How You Benefit

Because of our size, our experience and our expertise, we’re able to arrange coverage for almost any kind of risk you’re likely to face. But we make it a point to get to know our clients to ensure they’re correctly insured for the right risks and they don’t end up paying for insurance they don’t need.

And because we have long-established contacts with some of the most respected and reputable insurers for Toronto and in Ontario, we’re able to secure competitive rates and, often, great discounts.

You might be surprised at the features that can qualify Waugh-Dane clients for discounts. For example, with Homeowners insurance, the following qualifications could earn you one or more reductions:

  • Having your home properly alarmed
  • Being classified as a “mature” homeowner
  • Rates for homes that don’t have a mortgage
  • New homes
  • Homes in Neighborhood Watch areas
  • Having multiple policies with the same insurer

We review your coverage regularly and if you ever need to make a claim, the friendly experts at Waugh-Dane will help you to file your claim and expedite payment — all part of our dedicated personal service